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With a wealth of expertise and a commitment to excellence, we specialize in laying the groundwork for your residential and commercial construction projects. Literally from the ground up, we leave a lasting impact on both residential and commercial landscapes.

Construction site prep with our expert excavating contractors

A construction site prep done correctly ensures proper excavation, grading, and sloping, providing an ideal surface for subsequent construction activities. Proper water management, installation of utility systems, and addressing potential obstacles during site prep contribute to the seamless progression of the project. Ultimately, investing in quality construction site preparation sets the stage for a smoother construction process.

Utility ditches and French drains

Our construction site prep services extend to the installation of utility ditches and French drains. These vital components play a key role in effective water management, preventing water accumulation and potential damage to your property.

Irrigation and septic systems

At Dobe Construction, we recognize the importance of these systems in sustaining your property, providing water where it's needed and ensuring proper waste disposal. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your property is equipped with essential infrastructure for both current and future needs.

Site being prepped for drainage

Final grading and sloping

Think of final grading and sloping as the polished details that make your construction project not just prepped but visually appealing too. At Dobe Construction, we're all about grading landscapes that are functional yet refined.

Concrete work preparation

While we may subcontract the concrete work to local concrete contractors, our meticulous site preparation ensures the ideal conditions for the subsequent concrete installation. From grading and sloping to excavation and land clearing, we pave the way for durable and long-lasting concrete structures.

Residential and commercial projects

As a trusted general contractor, we navigate a wide range of construction projects including home building, arena construction, city parks, pickleball courts, strip malls, restaurants, and beyond. Whether it's crafting the perfect home, creating vibrant city spaces, or contributing to recreational amenities, our dedicated team ensures that each project is approached with precision, creativity, and a commitment to excellence.

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